Appeal to reverse rubbish decision

The brown bin at St John The Baptist Church in Wilberfoss will no longer be emptied by the council.
The brown bin at St John The Baptist Church in Wilberfoss will no longer be emptied by the council.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) is being urged to reverse its ‘shameful decision’ to to no longer empty a brown bin at a village church.

The ERYC has stopped servicing the bin at St John The Baptist Church, Wilberfoss, after nearly 10 years of doing so.

The council stopped emptying the bin after it found out one had been delvered to the church by mistake in 2009.

Ward councillor Andy Strangeway said: “The church wardens are rightly proud of their churchyard which is kept with a very green, environmentally friendly ethos.

“It is a delight to visit.

“The lame excuse put forweard is that brown bins are for residential use only.

“Either side of the church are homes which have their brown bins emptied.

“This silly and unnecessary action by ERYC is distasteful especially in the month leading up to the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. It will not save one penny of Council Tax.

“I have requested ERYC to revisit this shameful decision.”

A spokesperson for the church said: “We have a green ethos and have won awards for our grounds.

“The brown bin is not used for grass cuttings, just for dead flowers, so usually it is not that full.

“If the council had removed the bin in 2009 then that would have been fine, mistake rectified, but to leave it this long doesn’t make sense.”

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “For places of worship in the East Riding the council provides a free-of-charge green bin collection for general waste, as they are exempt from business rates.

“However the council’s brown bin service, for garden and food waste, is only provided to residents.

“Wilberfoss Church may have been delivered a brown bin by mistake during our roll-out of brown bins in 2009 and we have collected the waste along with other brown bins in the village.

“Unfortunately, as this has been identified, we cannot continue to provide this brown bin service to the church.

“But we would be happy to help the church in finding alternative waste services for their grounds waste.”