Anger over site’s unfinished roads

One of the unfinished roads at the Linden Homes' Millers Retreat site in Pocklington.
One of the unfinished roads at the Linden Homes' Millers Retreat site in Pocklington.

A councillor is backing the residents of a Pocklington estate in their attempt to get their roads completed.

Pocklington Ward Councillor Andy Strangeway was called to the Balk site, built by Linden Homes, to see for himself the unfinished state of some of the roads.

He also said that lorries coming to the development, recently renamed as Millers Retreat, go very close to the play area and is concerned about children’s safety.

He believes the builders’ compound should be moved to another part of the development before someone gets hurt.

Cllr Strangeway said that HGVs are reversing onto the site to the compound, going past the new park in the process.

Cllr Strangeway said: “I paid a visit to Tentor Street and Longlands Close and was appalled with what I witnessed.

“The residents are paying for maintenance and upkeep of the roads and they are not even finished!

“Four residents have recently contacted me over the situation over a short space of time so I went down to have a look.

“I’ve been informed that residents have been told many times that the work on the roads was to be done but nothing has happened.

“It’s just unacceptable, they have been waiting three years for the work to be completed.

“I’m just astounded by it all, it’s appalling.

“Residents have to drive through the mucky conditions to get home and it’s just not right.

“Linden Homes should reimburse all monies that the residents of Tentor Street and Longlands Close have paid for maintenance.

“As for the compound, the workers could easily access the site from the street and I can’t understand why they are not doing it.

“The heavy goods vehicles servicing the site back onto the site to get to the builders’ yard straight past the play area. It’s huge concern.”

A spokesman for Linden Homes East Yorkshire said: “Our apologies to the residents.

“However, we can confirm that we already have completion works programmed for this area.

“It is our intention to final surface the roads in March.

“By May, our intention is to move the site compound, which is currently located near The Balk itself, further into the site on the next phase and then commence construction of the plots in this area, with a view for completion towards the end of the year.”