Anger as 4x4 drivers churn up Sites of Special Scientific Interest at Millington Pastures

4x4 vehicles are churning up areas across the East Riding area. Photo by M Appleby.
4x4 vehicles are churning up areas across the East Riding area. Photo by M Appleby.

Residents in Millington and the surrounding area have expressed their anger over damage caused by 4x4 drivers on green lanes and the beautiful pastures area.

Huge areas of countryside around Millington are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

SSSIs are areas of special natural interest due to their rare fauna, flora, geological or physiographical features.

In the centre of the pastures area is Millington Wood.

It was declared a Local Nature Reserve in 1991.

The natural wonder is described as the richest botanical woodland in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

One resident in Millington said: “There is regular reckless damage to several areas within the SSSI, particularly outside Millington Woods where a 4x4 became stuck earlier this week. They don’t seem to care about the damage they do – whether it’s to the watercourses, the plant life or the negative effect of the churned up areas on the visual impact.

“The area is unique with its biodiversity and abundant springs. It is historic with settlements going back many thousands of years.

“The off-road drivers need to be aware that SSSIs are protected by law.”

Millington Parish Council said on Facebook: “Not all parishioners or visitors may be aware that the land at Millington Woods and in Millington Pastures is a SSSI and therefore protected by law. In fact, it’s a criminal offence to intentionally or recklessly damage or disturb SSSIs.

“A vehicle buried up to its front bumper in mud in the area of land immediately opposite the entrance to Millington Woods has been reported to the local police.

“In the meantime, you can support your parish council in its efforts to protect the local environment by reporting any other drivers you see who think it clever to ‘take the scenic route’ and carve up our precious wildlife habitats.”