An historical gem for Pock

Debbie Davison with the Diamond Jubilee programme
Debbie Davison with the Diamond Jubilee programme

POCKLINGTON resident Debbie Davison discovered a rare copy of an original programme that shows events that took place in the town for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

Debbie, of Browning Road, came across the historical gem when she and her sister ran W & C Forth Printers, now situated on Waterloo Lane, Pocklington, from 1995 to 1999. Her father owned the business from 1976-1999.

The Printers was formed in 1835 on Dean’s Lane, later moving to the town’s Market Street, and was the company that actually printed the programme, which details the events that took place in Pocklington on 20 June and 22 June in 1897 to mark the jubilee.

Mrs Davison, 42, said: “We ran the business, me and my sister. It [programme] was there when we sold and we kept it”.

Some of the activities which were held in the town over the two days include a special thanksgiving service at the parish church, children’s sports, church bells, sports for adults, and a band playing in the Market Place.

It also includes a number of eye-catching events that prove how much society has changed over the past 100 years.

According to the programme, between 6pm-8pm on 22 June, 1897, a 50-yard race was held for married women and one for single women. Also between 6pm-8pm that day was a 100-yard race for married men, one for apprentices and another for labourers.