Amy’s New Year’s resolution - to help others stick to theirs

Amy Devine-Devereux
Amy Devine-Devereux

Are you planning on making a new year’s resolution such as stopping smoking, losing weight or conquering a phobia?

If you are, a person who might be able to help you stick to it is Amy Devine-Devereux, from Bainton.

The mum-of-two is making a fresh start herself in January 2015 with the launch of a new business helping people to overcome certain problems through hypnotherapy and life-coaching.

And that includes anything from exam nerves and fear of spiders to learning how to cope with chronic pain from disability.

“Hypnotherapy is all about relaxing the mind and being able to alter the way a person thinks about a situation so you can turn it from a negative experience into a positive one,” she says.

Amy knows first-hand about dealing with life’s problems after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which led to her having to give up her career as a nurse.

It’s a progressive disease in which her immune system attacks her own body, at times leaving her in extreme pain and making it a struggle to even do the simplest things like getting washed and dressed and even lifting a kettle.

“I couldn’t work as a nurse anymore. Things like draining leg ulcers were out of the question.

“It was all about finding something that I could do,” says Amy, 32, who worked at Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill hospitals, as well as being a community nurse.

She discovered her talent for curing people while training as a hypnotherapist when she used hypnotherapy to help a friend pass her driving test.

“She’d failed five times already because he had an overwhelming amount of nerves prior to each test. She was talking herself into the mindset that she couldn’t do it. The way we think about things can affect the outcome.”

Amy also offers life-coaching (as opposed to hypnotherapy) to people who’ve undergone long-term physical health changes, for example, through disease, surgery or disability. Part of her aim is to help them come to terms with the changes and enable them to reach their goals.

At the same time she has been able to apply her life-coaching techniques on herself, and says this has helped her “massively,” for example, in “overcoming blockages” and opening up her mind to new choices. “Even though I can’t change my personal circumstances it’s about coming to terms with things, and finding other ways I can help myself,” she says.

Amy’s business is called Bright Interventions ( Contact 07443 652936 or email