Amsterdam adventure gets off to a clean start

Car wash at The Melbourne arms''in aid of Marie Curie
Car wash at The Melbourne arms''in aid of Marie Curie

VILLAGE ladies lathered up local cars as they looked to pull in the pounds to help realise their Euro dream.

The team of determined women from the Melbourne and Seaton Ross area are planning a trip to Amsterdam this summer by bicycle and need to raise the necessary capital to ensure their hopes don’t fall flat.

The leg-aching trek this summer is organised by, and is a ladies-only event to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. The 16 friends have set themselves a £30,000 target and began in earnest recently with a car wash outside the Melbourne Arms pub.

Jane Ogden-Lewis, who came up with the Amsterdam adventure idea, said: “It was pretty steady all day and really busy from mid morning until after the lunch period.

“I think a couple of friends brought us a really dirty van and pick up but paid well. Everybody worked hard - one lady completely wore out her jazzy marigolds and people were very generous as is reflected in the £200 raised.”

They are now planning another car wash on 21 May.