Allotment shed burglar in court

A BURGLAR who raided three allotment sheds in Pocklington during a summer crime spree has appeared before the courts.

Mark Richard Ferriby, 48, of Colescliffe Road, Scarborough, broke into six sheds at allotments in Pocklington, Driffield, and Bridlington between May and August last year.

He pleaded guilty to five charges of burglary when he appeared before magistrates in Bridlington last Wednesday.

Ferriby admitted burgling two sheds at the allotments on the Mile, in Pocklington between 3-6 August last year; one shed on the Mile, in Pocklington between 15-18 July, plus a further two in Bridlington in June and another shed at allotments in Spellowgate, Driffield between 31 May and 3 June.

Prosecutor Victoria Mills said that early last summer the East Riding experienced a large number of allotment burglaries

“Sheds were entered and various properties stolen from within. Inquiries have been ongoing in relation to that,” Mrs Mills said.

Mrs Mills told the court that police officers spoke to Ferriby and, on searching his home, found gardening and cultivation equipment identified as that from the burgled sheds.

“In relation to the first charge the defendant accepts that he entered one of the sheds and stole an item and the second shed he broke the padlock, entered the shed but didn’t steal anything.

“In relation to other charges he accepts he took items. All the items have been recovered. There are a number still outstanding and inquiries are still to be made in relation to other stolen items,” Mrs Mills added.

In mitigation, John Evans said: “We are looking at six different sheds, not a dwelling, and the property has been recovered and value unknown, I would suggest it’s a low value.”

Presiding magistrate Ann Farnsworth adjourned the case for an all options pre-sentence report to be prepared by the Probation Service.

Ferriby will re-appear at Bridlington Magistrates Court on 25 January. In the meantime, he has bail on the condition that he observes a curfew at the address given in court from 11pm to 5.30am and reports to his doorstep if requested by a police officer.