All smiles and kindness for big day

Pocklington School's Pre-School pupils get ready for World Smile Day.
Pocklington School's Pre-School pupils get ready for World Smile Day.

Children at Pocklington School’s new Pre-School are getting smile-ready for World Smile Day on Friday (6 October) as they settle into their new classroom opened in response to parental demand.

From this term, three-year-olds have been attending half and all-day sessions.

The Pre-School’s emphasis on developing creative, visual and communication skills include a focus on World Smile Day, initiated by the smiley face image creator Harvey Ball in 1963, and whose message this year is: Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.

Kindness is one of the key teaching messages taught at the Pre-School, opened alongside Pocklington Pre-Prep this term after parents asked for them to help prepare their youngsters for school.

Sarah Cobb, head of Pocklington Pre-School and Pre-Prep, said: “There has been increasing recognition that early childhood education and care provides the crucial foundation for learning and helps to develop cognitive and non-cognitive skills important for future success.”

“Parents are a child’s first educators and they are increasingly aware of the benefits to their children of first class early years education. The key to school readiness is not starting formal education earlier but nurturing children’s creativity, confidence, resilience and motivation within a safe and secure setting.”