Alfie memorial in place

Ann Simpson (Manager) Marek Scott (Friend of Alfie)'geoff Shepherd and Hayley Nuttall (ass. manager)
Ann Simpson (Manager) Marek Scott (Friend of Alfie)'geoff Shepherd and Hayley Nuttall (ass. manager)

THE MEMORIAL to an unlikely Pocklington hero is almost complete - a year after he passed away.

Fundraising in memory of Alfie Hutchinson started after the news of his death on 15 July last year swept around the town. The 65 year-old died after a short illness, which sparked a huge outpouring of tributes.

More than 600 people turned up at his funeral and over £2,150 was raised in the months that followed, courtesy of local people’s generosity.

Most of the money has been used to buy a mounted sun dial from Kent, which will be placed outside the Post Office at Brass Castle Hill, where the Hutchinson family had lived in the town.

The stone was put in place earlier this week, along with a plaque, while the sun dial is due to be attached in the coming days.

Pocklington cobbler Jeff Shepherd, who launched the fundraising in the aftermath of Alfie’s death, said: “By the time we had stopped fundraising, it was winter so I waited until spring to get the ball rolling. I’m extremely pleased with it and I’ve had a lot of people already say it’s looking good.

“I would like to thank the Pocklington family for allowing us to put the memorial there, and to the people of Pocklington who helped raise the money.”

Simply known to most in the town as Alfie, the local character suffered from learning difficulties and lived under the care of Sherbutt House on George Street. However, he was known to wander the town centre streets sparking up conversations with anyone he saw.

He was regular at Pocklington Cobblers on George Street, which prompted Mr Shepherd to launch the campaign.

“The idea was to get it in by the anniversary of Alfie’s death,” he said.

“The town has not been the same since he died, it’s a lot quieter without him. There are not many people in this town that would have 600 people turn up for their funeral.

“There’s been a part of Pocklington missing over the last year, this shows that he may have gone but he has not been forgotten.

The remaining sum of money left over is now likely to be donated towards the Alfie Hutchinson Memorial Garden to the rear of the George Street house at which he lived.