Alcohol licences...get yours renewed before it’s too late

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People running pubs, bars, restaurants and off licences across the region are being urged to renew their personal alcohol licences on time, or it could have a serious impact on their businesses.

All 2,000 holders of personal alcohol licences in the area are being reminded to make sure none of their licences expire over the next few months.

East Riding Council’s licensing team is asking personal licence holders not to leave it too late to check their paperwork, as once a licence has expired it would be illegal to sell alcohol on their premises if they were the Designated Premises Supervisor.

The first ever personal alcohol licences for individuals were granted in 2005, for an initial period of 10 years.

The Government is currently changing the renewal requirement to make all personal licences permanent, but this is unlikely to be completed before some of the first 10-year licences expire over the next few months.

All personal alcohol licences must be renewed with East Riding Council at least one month before they expire. Renewals are free.

The licensing team is issuing leaflets to local pubs, bars and off licences advising about the dangers of not renewing on time, and also writing directly to licence holders.

Councillor Jackie Cracknell, the council’s portfolio holder for public protection, said: “We don’t want to see our licensed premises unable to sell alcohol.

“We are asking all our personal licence holders to check the expiry date on their licence, and to make a renewal application in good time if it is due to run out in the next few months, before the changes to the laws have come into force.

“To help, the renewals procedure has been simplified and applications can be made online. There is no fee to pay or other documents to supply.

“The whole process should take no longer than five minutes and will prevent pubs and bars being in the position of being unable to sell alcohol, which would have a significant impact on the local economy and also be unpopular with customers.”

For details on renewing personal alcohol licences, or to make an application, please visit the council’s website on or contact the licensing team by email at