Alcohol killed father of three

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A BAR MANAGER’s life fell apart when he slipped on ice and broke his leg, an inquest heard.

Andrew Berriman, 43, was married with three children and good job working for Manor Court Hotel, at Carnaby, for more than a decade.

He enjoyed a drink, but his life spiraled down hill when he broke his leg at Christmas 2010 and he drank more to compensate.

He lost his job, which knocked his self-confidence, and his marriage to Debbie Berriman broke down, Hull Coroners’ Court heard on Monday.

Mr Berriman, who had lived in Bridlington, moved back to his mother’s home in Star Hill Road, Driffield, after breaking his leg again in March 2011 on the day of a job interview in Anlaby.

The he was the subject of an un-provoked attack which broke the same leg again.

His mother Nancy Berriman told the inquest, in a written statement, that Andrew was her adopted son, a naturally-quiet man, who because of the injury became house bound using a walking stick.

She said he had grown up in Driffield, gone to Driffield Secondary School before meeting Debbie Parker when he was 18.

He initially moved to Bridlington got married at the age of 19, and worked in the building trade as a plasterer. The couple had three children Kylie, 23, Matthew, 22, and Sam, 20. Mr Berriman had a change of career and went to work for the Manor Court Hotel.

His daughter Kylie Berriman told the inquest, in a written statement, her father was normally of good health. She said: “He loved music and the guitar. He loved fishing, and would often come back with tales of his exploits. He also loved cricket and football. He would be glued to the TV watching cricket much to his daughter’s annoyance.”

The court heard his drinking got worse in the last three months of his life. He was drinking a bottle of whisky a day. He had sought help from his GP and had been referred for treatment, but his problem got worse after his divorce.

Nancy Berriman said that on March 28 she had given her son a sandwich for lunch as normal, only to turn around and find him collapsing on the settee. “His eyes were rolling back,” said Mrs Berriman. “I had never seen anything like it. I touched him but could not get any response. I called the ambulance straight away.”

A paramedic responded but could not revive him. He died at home.

Hull and East Yorkshire assistant coroner Paull Stott said there was no action resulting from a police investigation.

He said a post mortem had concluded the level of alcohol in Mr Berriman’s system was enough to have killed him regardless of his underlying liver damage.

He said: “I am satisfied he drank too much and quiet literally drunk himself to death. There is no evidence of when, but it was some time in the course of the previous day. Andrew Berriman died from alcohol poisoning as a result of an accident, contributed to by the miss-use of alcohol.”

Verdict: accidental death.