Advertising feature: Shop local in Market Weighton

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Why endure traffic jams, packed car parks and the jostling crowds of out of town shopping outlets when Market Weighton has a plethora of interesting and local shops and outlets that are just as good if not better?

Our high streets have been squeezed for many years by out-of-town developments and increasing use of the internet. But shopping at local shops is now making a welcome return and its up to us all to make sure they not only survive but prosper in the future.

As town centres struggle to attract shoppers suddenly shopping locally is fast becoming the in-thing as it’s convenient, more pleasant and helps boost the local economy.

In local shops you find friendly service, comparable if not better prices and offers, excellent customer service and all within walking distance of each other. Increasingly shopping is also seen as a leisure pursuit. Shoppers love to travel to towns and areas with lots of independent retailers. Here they can find fresh produce, locally sourced and all kinds of treats that are not available in the large city centre multiples and supermarkets. Crafts and hand made items from furniture, clothing and pottery to chocolates and jewellery are items that you can find the best of in local shops – and what’s more you can trust the quality and often meet their artistic creator in the shop. By shopping locally for clothing you are assured that you won’t see the same garment you buy been worn by a dozen different people the next time you wear it.

Most boutiques buy only one garment in one style so you won’t feel like a clone. Another advantage of buying clothing, footwear and lingerie locally is that you build up a rapport with the shop’s staff so they know exactly how you want to look and also your budget.

It’s good to take a break on any retail therapy trip and there’s always a comfortable coffee shop or friendly pub nearby the local shops where you can obtain a snack or even lunch and enjoy food that’s home cooked and locally sourced.

So before you head off towards that big shopping outlet – think every pound spent locally can have huge benefits for the area helping local businesses who, in turn will employ local people.