Admiring a beautiful church ahead of talk

Last Sunday evening we had a sung Evensong in church. It was a beautiful and tranquil service that meant a great deal to me, as I have always loved Evensong above all other services.

Thursday, 1st March 2018, 2:21 pm
On Saturday I needed to get more wild bird food. Its worth it when I see the birds eagerly waiting for me to replenish the feeders.

It was the start of a busy week for me. Monday was busy with dog walks and other commitments. On Tuesday I had been invited to return to the Unison retired members group at St Olav’s church hall in York. I took the park and ride into York and then took a taxi to Marygate as I wasn’t sure exactly where it was.

I arrived early and took the opportunity to go into the St Olav’s church itself.

It is a beautiful church and I admired many parts of it before heading over the road to the church hall. I was privileged to be allowed to sit in at their meeting, and then gave them my talk.

I drove home and let the dogs out and then headed off to my next engagement, this time at the village of Thorngumbald, on the eastern side of Hull, near Hedon. I had been invited to speak at the AGM of the Thorngumbald Ladies Club. I probably know more about various organisations than most people, with the number of meetings I attend as their speaker.

I find it fascinating, how groups get together to serve and help their communities.

The community spirit in Yorkshire is wonderful.

I had a day off on Wednesday, and even opted out of a walk with the dogs. They had to be satisfied with a run in the garden. My remaining cat, Bhan, who did not appear to be missing his brother much, has however, decided I must be available to give him extra cuddles. He also sees no reason for there to be only one dish of food put out for him. He insists on two and eats from both!

On Thursday my friend came round with Boo the Labrador, and together we took all the dogs to a favourite woodland walk of mine. It was great to see the three younger dogs romping around together and the two older ones, Fair and Brillo, went at a more sedate pace with me. We all got totally covered in mud and once home the dogs had to be wiped down and after a cup of tea my friend and Boo left.

Then I was off for an evening engagement, this time near Thirsk, to a Women’s Institute evening meal at a pub at Carlton Minniot.

They were a very good audience and I enjoyed their company. It was quite late when we finished, and I got back just before 11, let the dogs out, and then thankfully retreated to bed.

I did a little shopping on the Friday and then took the two of the dogs for a short walk. The older ones refused. Once home I luxuriated in the joys of the Winter Olympics which has fascinated me over the last few days. Saturday was much the same, I needed to go and get more wild bird food, as the starlings were almost hammering on the window for their meal worms.

I love to watch all the birds coming to the feeding stations and it is worth it when I see them eagerly waiting for me to replenish the feeders.