Action taken on danger slide

The slide at Stamford Bridge play area.
The slide at Stamford Bridge play area.

A slide at a village in the Pocklington area has been cordoned off after parents highlighted a problem with the equipment.

Concerned parents in Stanford Bridge contacted a local councillor to air their fears over a ‘dangerous’ slide in the play park.

Some children have managed to get their feet stuck in the grooves on the slide which has led to some bumps and bruises.

Parents asked Pocklington Ward Councillor Andy Strangeway to look into the situation before a child is seriously hurt. He acted on their behalf and the council has sealed off the area.

Cllr Strangeway was shocked to hear that incidents of children getting their feet stuck in the grooves go back at least two years.

Cllr Strangeway said: “I did not find out about the problem until last week and basically the slide has been like this for at least for two years.

“Kiddies have been getting their feet trapped in it as they go down.

“They slide down and get their feet wedged in the gaps, which are large enough to fit a child’s shoe. They end up going over the side of the slide.

“From what the mothers were saying it was just the tubes but then for some unknown reason a base was fitted underneath them.

“It’s quite amazing to me that this slide is still in operation. The equipment should be checked every year.

“I heard from a mother who said that two years’ ago her daughter had got her foot stuck while going down the slide.”