A wheelie good day at Elvington

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The fun throttle was turned up to the max at Elvington Airfield at the weekend as four motorcycle world records were smashed in front of thousands of spectators.

Around 2,000 attended the Straightliners Drag Racing weekend, as some of the fastest riders in the world competed in a number of categories.

This is the eighth year the World Wheelie and Top Speed Records meeting has been held at Elvington and this time 53 of the world’s top riders came to the event.

The most unusual world record, for the fastest blind and disabled rider, was broken by Stuart Gunn who clocked up an astonishing 167.1mph flanked by two outriders.

Unfortunately Stuart, who was left disabled following a road accident 11 years ago, came off his bike on the second day and required hospital treatment, but has thankfully now recovered.

Another strange record broken was the world’s fastest shopping trolley, as Matt McKeown flew down the runway at 71.9mph.

The world wheelie record was broken by Paddy O’Sullivan, who reached a speed of 189.4mph at the end of a 1km continuous wheelie run and the final record went to Tom Anable who broke the fastest monowheel record, by travelling at 52.5mph, smashing the previous record of 25mph.

Two of the world’s fastest female riders Jo Stevenson and Becci Ellis also battled it out to become the world’s fastest women riders, though both just missed out on the record, Jo falling just 2mph short clocking 241mph.

The day’s fastest rider overall was Mika Syren, from Finland who reached a tyre squeeling 243mph.

Trevor Duckworth, founding member of Straightliners, said: “Elvington is to record breaking, what Lourdes is to Cricket, it is just unique.

“The runway at the airfield is one of the only places in the country long enough to travel at these kinds of speeds safely.

“It was a fantastic event and went extremely well and we’ve already booked again for next year on 16th and 17th August.”

All pictures by Pam Stanforth.