A taste of France for twinning group

The group during their visit to Pays de Racan
The group during their visit to Pays de Racan

A group of local residents enjoyed a taste of France recently when they crossed the Channel to visit the Pays de Racan region which is twinned with Pocklington.

They travelled to the village of St Christophe sur le Nais, where they were invited as guests of the Danseux du Nais dance group to join them in celebrating their 30th anniversary.

The visitors were welcomed by Pays de Racan’s twinning group - Association Racan Pocklington - and by mayors from the area, with a reception and presentation.

The Danseux du Nais have, over the years, exchanged many visits with Pocklington’s East Riding Folk Group until its recent closure. Nevertheless, the French dancers entertained their visitors in style.

In addition to the anticipated dances, where they were joined by two other French dance groups, visits were arranged to an artisan museum in Tours and to Semblançay where the history of the area was explained and enacted in a series of tableaux involving more than 500 performers.

A picnic at Richelieu was followed by a guided tour of the town led by a local historian.

The group also enjoyed an evening torchlit parade with music and dancing at frequent intervals and culminating in a vivid and colourful firework display.

Isabel Malin, of Barmby Moor, was among the visitors from the area. She said: “It was a very pleasant visit and we enjoyed a varied programme of activities in the company of old friends.”

It is hoped that the French hospitality can be reciprocated at some time within the next couple of years.

Pocklington has been twinned with Pays de Racan since 1989.