A rich legacy of art and agriculture

hector fraser exhibition
hector fraser exhibition

A final exhibition of works by Driffield artist, Hector Fraser, who died in April, is to be staged at the well known local art gallery “The Richard Burton Art Centre” at Buckton.

Hector’s works are well known locally and have frequently been exhibited, but many of the remaining works have never been seen by the public before.

Art Exhibition ps1141-16c Driffield Art Exhibition Hector Fraser

Art Exhibition ps1141-16c Driffield Art Exhibition Hector Fraser

The artist worked with local charities before at a show in 2009 when significant funds were raised to help good causes. This time his final works are to be sold to raise money to add to the Judy and Hector Agricultural Trust.

This fund is held by Driffield Rotary Club and is specifically used to support students studying farming.

Mr Fraser’s son Symon said: “The idea of the exhibition came from a discussion with dad about what we would do with all of his paintings when he died.

“He was adamant that he wanted all the money raised from the sale to support the trust so that young people can be helped to succeed in farming as he did. So, that is what we are doing, the show is a tribute to Dad and his life as a farmer and artist; all monies raised go to the trust.”

Mr Fraser’s daughter Shauna added: “Many of the works have never been seen before outside the family.

“Some, such as a special painting of Nafferton Maltings, have been hanging at his home in Nafferton for decades.

“Dad was well known locally and we are sure that people will find the show interesting and varied.

“It would have been so important to dad to know that his works will brighten people’s homes and at the same time raise money to help future farmers and food providers.”

Hector Fraser was a long time supporter of Driffield Rotary Club and was determined to leave behind a lasting benefit for the future.

Rotarian John Seaton said: “Hector was very well known locally and his art works have always been popular. Many of them are of local East Yorkshire scenes. To use his skills to build our trust fund is a fantastic boost to Driffield Rotary Club and the work that we do to help the young people of the area especially those who want to be involved in farming and agriculture.”

Mr Graham Hadfield, of Driffield Rotary Club, said: “The exhibition is very exciting and offers the opportunity, perhaps for the last time for people to obtain a lasting memory of a true community gentleman and someone who wanted to leave a lasting bequest for the future.

“It is also fantastic that Richard Burton is allowing us to use his superb gallery facilities completely free of charge to make sure that every penny goes to support the Judy and Hector Fraser Trust fund.

“This is a wonderful legacy from a good friend of East Yorkshire.”

Rotarian John Gledhill added, “Hector was so well known locally. He was involved in his community right up to the very end of his life and he would be delighted to see these works raise money so that future generations can benefit from what he considered to be his gift for art. Hector would want these pictures to not only brighten homes but to serve a greater community purpose. The Rotary Club are proud to be involved in this legacy. Every penny raised will go to the trust.”