A happy ending over fence saga?

fence - Burnby Hall
fence - Burnby Hall
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POCKLINGTON Town Council is considering ways it can re-open an entrance into Primrose Wood following a backlash over its closure.

The Post reported last week that users of the woodland access point behind the cricket club on Burnby Lane were angry to find it had been blocked off by a fence erected by the town council.

This followed a request from the cricket club asking the council to deter dog-walkers from using the cricket field to reach the woodland.

The fence was vandalised within a fortnight and Pocklington Mayor Coun Graham Perry said that councillors were now discussing alternatives which could lead to the re-opening of the route.

He said: “The council wants the people of Pocklington to know about Primrose Wood and wants them to use it.

“Following the council’s further enquiries, we now recognise that there is a greater number of people who use the access and we have initially discussed it with the cricket club to see if they would be receptive to us keeping the route open, with a path straight across the back of their site.”

The access point has never been an authorised route into Primrose Wood, but it has been used for many years by dog walkers and children making their way to and from Woldgate College.

They pointed out that it was dangerous to force walkers to use the official access further up Burnby Lane as the lack of footpath would mean them having to walk on a stretch of road close to a bend onto a 60mph country road.

Coun Perry understood the safety argument and said that another option being looked at by the Town Council was the creation of a footpath along the cricket club hedge leading to the rightful entrance to Primrose Wood.

“We feel that would be safer than walking up the road,” he said.

“And by doing that it would be kept between Pocklington Town Council and the cricket club and not involve taking it to East Riding of Yorkshire Council level, because trying to get funding from them to build a footpath alongside a road at this time of cuts and other priorities is likely to be difficult.”

Mayor Perry said that the Town Council was in the process of arranging a formal meeting with Pocklington Cricket Club to see if they could agree on a way forward.

He added: “We would welcome being contacted by any local residents regarding their views, and on their use of Primrose Wood. And we would strongly request any persons accessing Primrose Wood with a dog to avoid letting their dog leave a mess on the cricket club ground.

“This would help the cricket club on safety grounds and it would also help the discussions that are underway.” He confirmed that, for now, the fence would be staying.

l Anybody who would like to contact the Town Council can email them at townclerk@pocklington.gov.uk