A 500-year history written in new book

John Leake with his book Foggathorpe A History of Village Life
John Leake with his book Foggathorpe A History of Village Life

A man who grew up in Foggathorpe has returned to his roots to write a historic book which tells the tale of his native village.

John Leake penned his first book, Foggathorpe A History of Village Life, to tell a 500-year history, dating back to the Tudors, of the village he grew up in.

Every aspect of village life is touched upon, from those who were York merchants in Tudor times, with links to nobility, to a private banker who went bankrupt, the founders of Methodism, the West Yorkshire cotton spinner, who created a village estate and the local sporting heroes.

The 200-page hardback includes 100 historic photographs and the forward is written by the prominent East Yorkshire historian Dr David Neave.

John said: “I didn’t become involved in local history until about four years ago. I first 
became interested when I went to the Howden history class in local history.”

Becoming more and more interested in local history and having read a few local history books, John began his research on the historic tale behind his native village.

He added: “It’s for students interested in local history or a Foggathorpe resident.

“I think I’ve surprised a lot of people. Local history 
books are usually not in hardback which is why I think we have got something quite special.”

The book costs £15.95 and is available at Burnby Hall Gardens, the Black Swan and the Blacksmith Shop Crafts, both in Foggathorpe, or by contacting direct from John on (01757) 700497 or 07514360567.