97.6% of pupils get preferred school places

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Nearly all East Riding parents of children moving to secondary school this year have got places for them at their preferred school.

Letters to parents telling them the outcome of their applications for secondary places in September will be sent out today (Friday 28 February). All local authorities in England have to send the letters out on the same date.

In the East Riding of 3,132 applications received 3,057 (97.6 percent) got places at their first choice school and 3,115 (99.5 per cent) got places at one of their three choices of school.

Only 17 children have had to be given places at schools for which their parents did not express a preference. In all 17 cases, the child has been given a place at their catchment area school.

As in previous years, most (80 per cent) of children living in the East Riding will be going to their catchment area school.

315 children living in other local authority areas have been given places at schools in the East Riding, with the largest number (238) coming from Hull.

199 East Riding resident children have been given places at schools in other local authority areas.

Two secondary schools in the East Riding – South Hunsley School and The Snaith School – have filled the places they have available.

Smaller year groups are continuing to feed through from primary schools into the secondary schools.

Although primary school numbers have been rising since 2011 as larger year groups have been starting their primary education, there are still smaller cohorts of older children feeding into secondary education.

Secondary schools are not expected to see their numbers increasing significantly until 2018. As school funding is largely dependent on the number of pupils on roll, falling rolls means schools are facing increasing financial pressures.

Councillor Julie Abraham, East Riding of Yorkshire Council portfolio holder for children, young people and education, said: “It is very pleasing to see again a high proportion of parents getting places at the schools they want for their children.

“The outcomes of the admission round seem to confirm that parents in the East Riding value having a local school serving their community and we want to make sure that every community has a good local school which parents want their children to attend.”

Mike Furbank, the council’s head of children and young people, education and schools, said: “The outcomes of the admissions round are an important indicator of how well parents perceive schools are doing.

“The fact that so many schools are being supported by their local parents is a good sign that things are going well.

“The council is working hard to support schools and to help them maintain and improve standards. It is a credit to the council’s staff that, where schools are using the support and improvement services we can provide, they are improving and getting better outcomes for children.”