£800,000 could be spent on tackling flooding in village

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A whopping £800,000 could be spent on tackling flooding problems in a village.

South Cave has long suffered from incidents of flooding, but the floods that hit the village in 2007 and in the summer of 2014 were particularly severe.

In East Riding Council’s budget for 2015, agreed recently by the Full Council, the authority’s Flood Risk Strategy Team has secured an indicative funding allocation of almost £135 million over the next six years for 70 flood alleviation projects.

The scheme for South Cave is number seven on the list, with an indicative allocation of £800,000.

Dale Ward councillor Pat Smith said: “South Cave village is at the foot of the Wolds.

“Water funnels through on its way to the Humber and sometimes overflows at certain pinch-points within the system. It is these which need dealing with.”

Fellow Dale Ward councillor Tony Galbraith added: “The funding is very welcome, although it will be some time yet before the scheme is implemented. A detailed study will be carried out and the scheme then finalised.

“In the meantime, a report into last year’s major flood event has resulted in some measures being taken, such as a clearing of ditches and the installation of monitoring devices which will enable the Environment Agency to give residents more accurate warning of the likelihood of flooding following stormy weather.”

South Cave parish councillor Mike Turner commented: “I have been pressurising East Riding Council for years.

“Flooding in the village has been terrible. In 2007 we had about 67 houses that were flooded. Then last year we had less than 20 flooded again.

“We have offered our solutions but as yet East Riding Council has not come back with any answers.

“We as a parish council don’t know what they are proposing. We haven’t been informed. There is a meeting in a few weeks which we will be attending.”