30 Questions: landscape gardener Matthew Atkinson

Matthew Atkinson
Matthew Atkinson

1. How do you want to be known? Matt.

2. Do you live or work in Pocklington? Work in Pocklington, I live in Seaton Ross.

3. What is or was your job or profession? Landscape Gardener.

4. Where were you born? Fulford Hospital, Naburn, where the Designer centre is now, probably where Marks and Spencers is.

5. Are you married, single, cohabiting or divorced or widowed? Married.

6. Do you have any children? One son, Henry.

7. Do you have any pets? Two Springer Spaniel dogs, Fern and Ted, Fred the cat and various fowl and poultry.

8. What is your favourite food? Guinea fowl.

9. What is the best or most exciting book you have read or TV programme? Bravo Two Zero.

10. Have you any pet hates?

Seeing signs for events that have already passed.

11. What person do you most admire or would like to meet? Prince William.

12. What are your hobbies?

Anything countryside related.

13. Do you play any sports?


14. Do you participate or practice any of the arts? I would like to be able to paint.

15. Your favourite film? Lord of the Rings.

16. What are your ambitions? To go to New Zealand.

17. What do you consider is the best thing about Pocklington? Not having to pay for parking.

18. What do you consider is the worst thing about Pocklington? The fact that finding a parking space is difficult.

19. What would you most like to change? The new Doctors surgery to be done now.

20. What have you done that you are most proud of? I have planted thousands of trees and hedgerows.

21. What was the thing in your life that is most important to you? My family

22. What kind of music do you like? I am easy to please.

23. What is your favourite group, or singer? I prefer to hear the birds singing.

24. What is your most precious possession? My chainsaw.

25. Would you admit to your worst mistake? Yes.

26. If you could knew you would never be caught for a crime, what would you do?

Rig the lottery so I could win.

27. What was your favourite subject at school? Rural science.

28. Have you been abroad? If so where was the furthest away from Britain? Australia.

29. Your star sign? Pisces.

30. What is your favourite fruit? Grapes.