30 Questions: ‘Bring back the railway line!’

Pocklington Car Care Centre mechanic Brook Wandby
Pocklington Car Care Centre mechanic Brook Wandby

1. How do you want to be known? Brook

2. Do you live or work in Barmby Moor? Both

3. What is or was your job or profession? Mechanic, Pocklington Motor Care, Barmby Moor

4. Where were you born?

Malton Hospital

5. Are you married, single, cohabiting or divorced or widowed? Cohabiting

6. Do you have any children (grandchildren)?We are about to have our first child

7. Do you have any pets?

A cat called JT

8. What is your favourite food? Lasagne

9. What is the best or most exciting book you have read or TV programme?

The Book of Eli

10. Have you any pet hates


11. What person do you most admire or would like to meet? No one really

12. What are your hobbies?

Motor cycling

13. Do you play any sports?

Rugby (at 7)

14. Do you participate or practice any of the arts? No

15. Your favourite film?

The Book of Eli

16. What are your ambitions? To be happy

17. What do you consider is the best thing about Pocklington? The beauty of the surrounding area

18. What do you consider is the worst thing about Pocklington? The parking

19. What would you most like to change?

Bring back the railway line!

20. What have you done that you are most proud of?

I am about to be a father

21. What was the thing in your life that is most important to you? My family

22. What kind of music do you like? Easy listening

23. What is your favourite group, or singer?

No one in particular

24. What is your most precious possession?

My motor cycle

25. Would you admit to your worst mistake? Yes

26. If you could knew you would never be caught for a crime, what would you do?

Rob a bank

27. What was your favourite subject at school?

Design and Technology

28. Have you been abroad? If so where was the furthest away from Britain?


29. Your star sign?


30. What is your favourite fruit?