£14m scheme to make town a brighter place

Council workmen are busy replacing 3,000 street light columns this year.
Council workmen are busy replacing 3,000 street light columns this year.

The future is getting brighter for Driffield and surrounding villages thanks to a £14million project to replace street lighting across the county.

The scheme is the largest East Riding Council has ever undertaken and will see 9,000 brand new street lamp columns installed and 16,000 new lights fitted on streets, highways and footpaths by March 2019.

The four-year street light replacement programme began in May, and since then a team of 32 council staff and additional contractors have been busy across the East Riding.This year alone the team will install around 3,000 metal columns in 192 streets across the East Riding, with a target of 300 new columns each month.

The first phase will begin in Driffield and surrounding villages in September, October and November

The council was successful in bidding for £6million of additional funding from the Department for Transport for the scheme. The project will be supplemented by £4million in funding from the council.

An additional £4million will be spent by the council on an energy reduction programme to replace the existing, traditional yellow and orange fittings with white, low energy lights.

Lighting will not be affected during the scheme and will switch on at normal times. Each new column will be fitted next to the old one. The old ones will then be removed after electrical engineers transfer the power to the new columns.

Not all columns will be replaced, only those over 30-years-old.

Councillor Andy Burton, the council’s portfolio holder for planning, highways and transportation, said: “This programme is above and beyond anything the council has done before, but the columns are getting old and need to be replaced for safety reasons.

“The new white fittings will also improve lighting and help save energy.” To find out when lights in your area will be replaced, visit the council’s website www.eastriding.gov.uk/streetlightswaps to view the schedule for this year’s and next year’s programme.