£1.4m roundabout finally opens

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THE new roundabout on the A1079 at Pocklington has finally been opened after decades of campaigning - but it has come in for criticism already.

Work has been ongoing over the past six months to get the £1.4million development open. With workmen still on the site, they finally allowed cars through on the main roundabout last week.

An adjacent smaller roundabout, that bypasses the old Hodsow Lane junction, has also been opened.

However, the second link road from this roundabout to the industrial estate is yet to be built, which is causing concern.

Lynn Berriman from the estate’s B&C Motors even addressed Pocklington Town Council before their recent monthly meeting to inquire about if, or when, the link would be completed. At the moment, the Halifax Way junction, which faces directly on to the A1079, is the only access road to the estate.

Pocklington Town Council said they would look in to the matter, but East Riding Council has since told the Post that the priority was to get the main roundabout open before they begin work on the access road to the industrial estate, although no time scale was given.

A spokesman said: “At the moment it’s a case of prioritising and we wanted to get it open and accessible.

“It’s not as though the estate will be cut off, but it will take time to provide a second access road. It’s all in hand.”

Mrs Berriman says little information has been provided by East Riding Council about the link road, but says the original purpose of building a roundabout was to link the industrial estate.

She is questioning why the access road is no longer the priority, and is concerned with when it will be laid. She said: “We had been promised that the first priority is to link the industrial estate, this has been on the table for about 25 years.”

The major development was confirmed in June last year after years of campaigning by local road safety supporters.

It came after a deal was finally struck between East Riding Council and local developers, Broadvale Developments and The Helmsley Group (The BroadHelm Venture), and local landowner Henry Thirsk.

Work began prior to Christmas and has seen part the old the Hodsow Lane/A1079 junction closed off and redirected to the main roundabout, while the old Allerthorpe junction onto the A1079 is now also linked up.

Grahame Hicks, chairman of the Pocklington-based road safety group, Action Access A1079, welcomed the new roundabout, but stressed the importance of pushing for greater safety measures at other stretches of the notorious road.

He said: “Isn’t it a remarkable piece of work? I think that this is not just a red-letter day for Pocklington, but for the region as a whole.

“It is important now to continue the work to achieve the planned improvements at Market Weighton and to build a plan for Wilberfoss. No-one can fail to be horrified by the casualties at the western junction with Wilberfoss - and we need improvements there too to prevent any more occurring.”