Recycling rates are soaring - council

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breaking news

Areas of the East Riding that are now on the fortnightly collections of the blue recycling bins and green landfill bins are seeing recycling rates soaring.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council issued the figures for the amount of waste collected in June from the blue, brown and green bins.

The Bridlington and Driffield areas have seen a 46 per cent jump in the amount of recyclable waste put in the blue bins, while Holderness has seen a 42 per cent increase.

At the same time the amount of waste put in the green bins destined for landfill fell by 23 per cent in the Bridlington and Driffield areas and by 33 per cent in Holderness.

Councillor Symon Fraser, portfolio holder for environment, housing and planning, said: “Residents told us a fortnightly service was what they wanted and if proof was needed that they were right then these figures are it.

“By summer next year when all of the East Riding is on the fortnightly bin service, we are expecting that the overall recycling rate achieved by residents will be up there with the best in the country. The service is still being rolled out so there is some way to go yet.

“We are supporting residents during the roll out with a series of measures including a telephone hotline number, a dedicated email address and an information pack. The recycling team is also available to visit and are also giving presentations at community meetings and other events.”

Pocklington, which goes onto the fortnightly collections from 26 August, saw a rise in the amount of waste put in the blue recycling bins rise by four per cent with landfill waste down by seven per cent.

The waste put in the blue recycling bins in the Goole area was up by one per cent and waste sent to landfill from the green bins was down by three per cent. These are seen as good figures as the area does not get the fortnightly collections until spring next year.

The waste in the blue recycling bins for Beverley, Willerby, Hessle and Brough stayed the same as for May but the waste going to landfill from the green bins was down by seven per cent.

Although good, these figures are expected to be even better from the start of July when the areas went onto the new fortnightly bins service.

The recycling rate for the East Riding area as a whole was over 60 per cent in June compared with 57 per cent in June last year. The waste in the green landfill bins was down across the area by 11 per cent compared with June last year.

The amount of garden waste and food waste in the brown bins was about the same due to the cold and wet weather – it is expected to rise significantly in July.