Prepare for the Impossimals!


AWARD-WINNING artist and creator of the iconic ‘Impossimals’ Peter Smith is making aguest appearance at The Acorn Gallery in Pocklington to launch his new exhibition.

Peter will be at the gallery on Saturday 10 March from noon to 3pm to coincide with the launch of ‘The Lost Impossimals’ – his latest collection of limited edition art.



Peter Smith first created his well-known collection of striped rotund animal characters nine years ago and 2012 marks an innovative stage in their extraordinary story with ‘The Lost Impossimals’ being hailed by Peter’s publishers as the most inventive and creative collection to come from his paintbrush and imagination.

The fantastical collection, which took three years to develop, research and paint, depicts an imaginary history – or ‘twistory’ – that charts the pre-historic beginnings of the fictitious ‘Impossimals’.

The inspiration for creating an imagined beginning for Peter Smith’s make-believe striped characters came about with a small doodle on the back of an old sketchpad.

As the artist worked he became gripped by the idea that his Impossimals could have their own fictional history and story of evolution and the seed was planted for the ‘Lost Impossimals’.

The six-strong art collection comes with tales and titles that are fascinating and fictitious, as the collection unearths every kind of strange and wonderful prehistoric Impossimal, from the ‘Dalisaurus Surrealius’ , through to the ‘Lesser Spotted Neapolitan Knickerbocker Glory’ and the ‘Edison’s Sherlock Sidewinder’.

Peter Smith explains the inspiration behind his latest collection: “About three years ago I started to look at simple everyday objects and question ‘Where do they come from?’.

“So many of the objects we are surrounded by have become such a part of everyday life that we forget that all these inventions had a beginning.

“Then I turned to my very own invention, the Impossimals, and began to explore and delve deeper into what their origins could have been.

“Fascinated by the Victorian era, a period in history that was the epitome of discovery and exploration, I became an explorer in my own right, unearthing and excavating the rich, exciting and fascinating beginnings of the Impossimals and creating a Victorian journey of discovery. I hope both the story and art will entertain and delight my Impossimal fans – as well as making them smile.”

Each framed piece of art is presented as canvas on board, to give the works of art an original feel.

They will be on display in the gallery from 10 to 30 March and edition sizes have been kept small and exclusive – with just 95 in each edition.

The Acorn Gallery is located at 5 Market Place, Pocklington.