Prepare for Mother Nature, says Northern Powergrid


With winter round the corner, electricity distributor Northern Powergrid says it’s investing more money than ever in the electricity network.

An average of a million pounds a day is being spent by the company across the North East, Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire on replacing and upgrading work, all of which helps its customers have a supply able to withstand tough weather conditions.

But sadly, it’s impossible to prevent all power cuts and the storms and flooding hitting the North of England this year have shown that the weather seems to be becoming increasingly volatile.

Here are a few tips for being prepared should you suffer a loss of electricity:

· Turn off electrical appliances at the socket. This is particularly important for heating and cooking appliances as your power could return at any time and potentially cause a safety hazard if you are absent, asleep or unaware.

· Keep one light switched on so that you know when electricity has returned.

· Check on any vulnerable neighbours and relatives to make sure they are comfortable and well.

· Use battery-powered lamps or torches if possible instead of candles as they are safer.

· Only call 999 in the event of an emergency.

Paul Norton, Northern Powergrid’s Head of Safety, said: “The weather has been volatile recently and in the last week we’ve seen the terrible destruction that Superstorm Sandy has caused in the United States with millions of people experiencing power cuts. Often, when storms like this hit the east coast of America we can experience the tail end of them days later as the bad weather drifts over the Atlantic. Thankfully, we don’t see storms as severe as Sandy in the UK, but this year we have had some pretty awful weather in our region with heavy snow, violent lightning and severe flooding.

“At Northern Powergrid, we do everything within our power to keep people on supply, but it would be unrealistic to assume that interruptions are never going to happen, especially when bad weather hits. Please be assured that when power cuts happen, our engineers will be out in all conditions to try and get your supply back on as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we ask that people do what they can to keep safe and also check on anyone they know who is elderly or vulnerable to make sure they are safe.”

Any vulnerable customers who would require assistance, whether medical or otherwise, in the event of a power cut should apply to be on our Priority Service Register by contacting us on 0800 169 2996 between the hours of 8.30am and 4.45pm, Monday to Friday.