Mrs Joan Webster

A funeral service was held at at St Elgin’s Church, North Frodingham, on Friday September 28 for Mrs Joan Webster, 80, who died peacefully in Northfield Manor Nursing Home, Driffield, on September 21.

The service was conducted by Rev James Grainger-Smith and the organist was Mr Nick Tanton.

Rev Grainger-Smith said that as a tot in the 1930s Joan was brought up by Clara and Jim Thompson, in North Frodingham.

Before and during the war Joan attended the village school, where she was very impressed with the teacher, and at six years of age decided that would be her chosen career.

Encouraged at all times by Mrs Thompson Joan worked hard at school, and also had a paper round which she continued during the war years, even in the blackout.

At the age of 14, Joan left the village school and furthered her education at the Hull College of Commerce gaining a matriculation in five subjects, which enabled her to do teacher training at Sheffield College. She worked to gain experience at both Kirkburn and Sledmere schools cycling each day, regardless of the weather to and from her places of work.

Joan enjoyed sport playing tennis at North Frodingham and watching local football which is where she met her future husband Geoff. Joan passed her teacher training with flying colours and was offered a job at Escourt High School in Hull where she remained for two years.

During their courtship Geoff had been building their future home in North Frodingham, which was finished in time for them to move in to after their marriage in St Elgin’s in 1955.

During the same year Joan started a new teaching post at the Girls School in Driffield.

Joan became a wife, mother to son Paul and daughter Netta and kept a lovely home for the family.

In 1962 a vacancy for a teacher came up in the village school but there were no applicants, so Joan was persuaded to fill the position for a term, and twenty four years later retired from the position after being a key figure in the school.

Joan was gifted, hard working and very fair. She had compassion with children and was willing to turn her hand to doing things far beyond her profession, within school hours and in her own time.

Joan was a member of the village church and the W.I. She was a founder member of the North Frodingham Yorkshire Countrywomen, joining the organisations choir travelling all over the East Riding to perform at various venues with them. She joined the Ladies at Driffield Luncheon Club monthly and attended many concerts in Hull.

Joan loved travelling with Geoff enjoying many memorable holidays in both the U.K. and Europe. She loved mountains and in particular the Swiss Alps.

She was very proud of her grandsons Mark and Daniel.

Sadly Joan suffered difficult health over the last 18 months spending time in Castle Hill, and Northfield Manor Nursing Home.

Rev Grainger-Smith said the family wished to thank staff at both establishments for their compassion.

Joan was industrious, strong willed, forthright, generous, considerate and caring. A special lady who will be missed by many.

Family Mourners

Mr G Webster (husband), Mr & Mrs P Webster (son & daughter-in-law), Miss J Webster (daughter), Mr & Mrs R Webster (brother & sister-in-law), Mr M Croll (grandson), Mr D Charlton & Miss J McGovern (grandson & partner).

Other mourners

Mr & Mrs M Roberts, Mr & Mrs D Kell (also rep Caroline & John),Mrs S Hebden (also rep Mrs A Wilkinson), Mr & Mrs D Watson ( also rep Mrs A Sayer), Mrs J Blakeston (also rep Mr & Mrs C Pickard & Mrs B Shepherdson), Mrs L Simpson, Mrs J Sewell, Mrs A McKie (also rep Mrs T Sowersby), Mrs M Meadley, Mr A Meadley, Mrs J Morris (also rep Mr J Morris & Mr & Mrs J Norman & Mr & Mrs R Morris), Mr & Mrs T Woolston, Mr & Mrs D Briggs (also rep Mark & Martin Briggs & North Frodingham Country Women), Mr C Walker (also rep Mrs C Walker & Mr A Walker), Mr & Mrs B Walker (also rep Mr D Walker), Jo Wilson (also rep Mr N D Campbell & Miss M Fetches), Mr D Wylie,

Mr B Cook (also rep Mr D Cook & Mrs Ashby), Mr & Mrs K Warcup, Mr Nev Hobson (also rep Mr D Hobson), Angela Woodcock, Mary Woodcock, Margaret Woodcock (also rep Mrs A Aconley & Mrs M Shipley), Mr B Brown, Mrs J Wilson (also rep Mr J Wilson & Mr M Pea), Mrs A Taylor (also rep Mr A Taylor & Mrs S Hudson), Miss I Brown (also rep Mr F Gladstone), Mr H Nicholson, Mr M Wilson (also rep Andrea & Jamie Wilson), Mr M Doyle, Mr & Mrs R Andrews, Mrs J Gaull, Mr & Mrs I Fergusson (also rep Robert & Fiona), Mrs P Akrill (also rep Mrs H Robinson, Mrs C Pearson, Mrs D Mercer & Miss K Robinson), Elaine Jackson (also rep Gillian, Stephen & Patrick), Mrs J Greaves (also rep Pat Wylie), Mrs Bev Clowes, Mr Steve Clowes, Mr & Mrs P Blanchard, Mrs D Allman (also rep Mrs M Redfern, Mrs J Whitticks & Mrs S Holmes), Mr J Gravil (also rep Mrs J Gravil), Mr & Mrs B Rookes (also rep Mr N Rookes), Mr & Mrs J Rookes, Mrs P Gluck, Miss D Gluck, Mr & Mrs R Iveson (also rep James, Mathew & Richard Iveson), Mr B Cowton, Mrs A Crabtree (also rep Mr A Crabtree), Mr & Mrs G Rudd (also rep Julian & Helen), Mrs M E Wilson, Mr P Warkup, Mr D Johnson (also rep Mrs D Johnson), Mr & Mrs M Ellis (also rep Mr K Thompson & Susan Metcalfe), Mr & Mrs E Davison, Mr & Mrs A Spence, Miss R Wylie, Mr A Wilson, Mr & Mrs G Calvert, Mrs N Mitchell (also rep Mr N Mitchell), Mr & Mrs G Thompson, Mr C Foreman (also rep the Foreman family), Mr & Mrs R Fothergill, Mrs J Harris, Mrs K Watt, Mrs E Brown (also rep Mr E Brown & family), Mr & Mrs D Gravil, Miss Joyce Gravel, Mr P Wylie, Mr & Mrs N Watson, Miss S Watson, Mr M Winter (also rep Mrs J Wilkinson), Mr & Mrs A Thompson (also rep Mrs A Campbell), Janet Fallon, Manager of Northfield Manor, Donna Watkinson rep Northfield Manor, Mrs P Turner (also rep the Turner family), Mrs S Wylie (also rep Cherry’s Country Hardware), Mrs M Foreman (also rep Sandra Carnell & Mr & Mrs D Foreman), Mr & Mrs R Poole, Mrs E Loft, Mr & Mrs A Benson (also rep Mr & Mrs D Webster, Mr A Duggleby, Mrs D Bunch, Mr H Benson & Miss R Evans)

Mrs Joan Webster