Mr David Cunliffe

A funeral service was held at St Mary’s Church, Etton for Mr David Cunliffe of Main Street, Etton who died suddenly at home on September 17. He was 74.

The service was conducted by the Rev Paul Davis and the organist was Dr Mary Munro.

David was born in Bircle in Lancashire. He attended the local school and then went on to Bury Technichal College. After leaving school he started his working life as a welder and finished his career as an engineering insurance consultant.

He married Madeleine in 1962 and they would have celebrated their golden wedding on the 29th September.

David was a member of three Masonic Lodges and was also the organist for them, he was a past joint master of the Hunsley Beacon Beagles, he was a member of the Beverley Male Voice Choir and the Market Weighton Waytes mixed choir, he also used to play the tom toms. He had also been a member of the Lund Singers and had been the church wardem for 18 years at Etton Church.

Every winter he went bush beating on the Hotham and Lings Estates with his faithful spaniel Pip.

He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Chief mourners: Madeleine Cunliffe (wife), Susan & James Hosdell (daughter & son in law), Robert Hosdell (grandson), Elsie Ashworth (sister), Guy Haworth, Janet Stephens (cousins).

Others present: John Godwin, Ian Wood, Gordon Setterfield, Ian Midgley, Peter Taylor, Pat Bulger, Maureen Healand, Ivor Loney. Nigel Glew, Brian Renter, John Harmand, Dorothy Grant, Pam & Geoff Drysdale, Keith Wright, Ann Brooklebank, Sally Welburn, Sue & Don Welburn, Rachel Park, Beth Swift, Nel Whittingham, Stephen Hawkes, Brian Massey, Paul Brown, Ernie McGeath, Silvan Rust, Carol Readman, Mike Duggleby rep Masons, Brian Crabtree rep Masons, Margaret Sleight rep Jennifer Sleight & Francis & Hilary Bell, Ann Warner, Pauline Cross, Peter Warner, John Forster, John Cross, Mr & Mrs G Barnes, Alison Walker, Janet Jackson, Joan & Alan Wood, Eric Danb y, Nick Andrews, Hugh Walton, Ray & Christine Tuttle, Peter Newall, Esther Davis, PaulDavis, Pam Fenton, Gillian Williamson, Mr C Cook, Gordon Jessop, Katy Yeo, Carmen Yeo, Debbie Burman, Mr & Mrs G Creaser, Noreen & Peter Thorpe, Evelyn Strangeway, Caroline Simpson, Dorothy Crumpton,Mr & Mrs D Mainwaring, Andrew Ash rep Karen & Jamie, Mike & Jill Loft rep Mrs Ann Cook, Mrs Mavis Egglestone, Mr & Mrs Robin Moverley, Mr & Mrs David Lucas, Madge Calvert, Richard Yeo, Nick & Jonathan Yeo, John Sleight, Adrian Walker, Barry & Margaret Watson, Eric Weston. Clark Robson, Tony Jones, Andy Evison rep J W Evison & Sons, George Ridsdale, Hazel Beales, Clive Turgoose, Ray Dykes, Harry Burton, Peter Garnett, Peter Blood, Eric Bradley, Malcolm Ladd, Mark Williams, Mr & Mrs N Bateman, Mary-Jane Clapham, Tony Wright, Danny Burch, John Burt, Chris Bates, Ian Christie, Roderick & Jane Thorpe, Howard Petch, Tom Danter, Katie Cigno, Andrea Edwards, Colin Hanley,. Maurice Peacock, Mr C Roe, George Walker rep Lund Singers, Judith Smith, David Wilkinson, Brian Robinson, Melanie Dougherty, Kate Andrews, Julie Hill, Stewart Bell, John Aspey, Andrew Widd, Les Gambol, Roy & Janet Belding, Philip & Ann Wright, Mike & Frank Farrell, Roger Booth rep Thomas Boyd, Richard Stocks rep Chris Stocks, Eric Healand, Daphne Kemp, Jan & Eric Walton, Nicky Brown, Angela Bennett, Jim & Val Weatherhead, David Doyle-Davidson, Helen & John Gill, Ken Doran, Gordon King, Mr & Mrs Philip Gray, Tom Ulett, Roseanne Cowdrey, William Hotham rep Lord & Lady Hotham, Simon Fairbank, Jane Pearson-Moore, John Holmes, Rev Michael & Mrs Sheila Waters, Roy Burge, Bernard Norris, June Thompson (nee Danby), Brian Gunson, Mr & Mrs Ted Stamp, Mr & Mrs Ken Hulme, Mr & Mrs David Ackley, Mr Vincent Storey, Roger Coulsey, Tony & Andrea Davies.Michael Graham, Alistair Brown rep Pippa, Jan Nettleton, Andrew Wilson, Lucy Proctor, Mr D McKinley, Mike Ralphs, Victoria Heuck, Tony Walker, Sophie Smith, Giles Peacock, Rev Martin Westby, Charles Laing, Joanne Welbourne, Terry Strange, Chris & Eve Brown, Trevor Turnbull, Graham Bows, Anthony Kitching, Colin Smith.