Introducing a new thoroughly modern Women’s Institute

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A new Women’s Institute group could be launched in Leconfield, if there is enough support from villagers.

A meeting will be held on Monday (September 10) in the Recreation Club, at 7.30pm to discuss the formation of a new branch.

Organisers say the move will be an opportunity for women in Leconfield to launch their own group, deciding what form it will take and what activities it will offer.

The meeting has been organised by the East Yorkshire Federation of WI’s, which has recently established successful new WI groups in a number of villages and local areas, including Tickton and Hull’s Avenues and Victoria Dock.

Heather Winn, A WI Support Advisor with the Federation, said it is hoped to increase membership of the Women’s Institute movement, which will celebrate its centenary in 2015.

She said that there is much more to the WI than the traditional ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ image, and it will be up to the members themselves to decide the shape of the new branch.

“It leads to all sorts of things - the opportunities are there. We have theatre groups, reading groups, walking groups, or they can go gliding or do archery. Members can set up whatever they want,” said Mrs Winn.

“Forming a new WI is a wonderful opportunity to have all this. But you have to be there at there at the very beginning, to have your say in how things will be.”

Mrs Winn says she understands that there used to be a WI branch in the village but it folded, and she hopes that a new generation of women may be interested in setting up a new group.

Anyone wanting more details can contact her, tel 01377 254573.