Steve Nicklas
Steve Nicklas
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A Hull teacher has documented his idea of a fresh look at meditation by through a multi-media approach.

Steve Nicklas (50) has been teaching meditation classes for 20 years now and through his social enterprise, Quintessential Health, Steve has launched a new health project called “M.A.P. to Well-being”. Using a book, CD and audio packages, this promotes the notion of developing “Mindfulness” – meditation without religious connotations - and an “Action Plan” to manage health more effectively in areas like diet, exercise, environment, healthcare and state of mind. He will be starting to give classes in Beverley this September.

His plans to develop these products came about when someone came to one of Steve’s Buddhist classes suffering from insomnia through stress and rejected the notion of Buddhism. However, Steve taught him meditation and he was urged to develop a non-religious product.

The idea for the book also stemmed from a pressing need for a suitable text for students and one which they could understand. “It’s a representation of what’s been around for centuries and we’ve lost touch with it,” says Steve. “Meditation shouldn’t be taken too seriously and it’s meant to make you feel uplifted.”

Steve, who hails from Cottingham, has suffered stress himself and says meditation has really helped him to come to terms with it and transform his life. Writing this work is proving one way of helping others to learn to cope more easily too.

His 164-page work aims to create a non-religious blueprint for happiness. He says: “There are obviously all sorts of ways you can manage stress. I would urge people to be open-minded about how meditation can help and make the brain work better as there is mounting scientific evidence to support this.

“Cognitive therapy based on mindfulness is being conducted in the medical profession and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence is pushing for meditation to be taught.”

Steve has developed a series of audio meditation tracks to provide what he describes as yoga of the mind, providing help to concentrate more and focus the mind.

The book, M.A.P. to Well-being is available at £9.95 from as well as Waterstones. For more details, contact Steve on 01482 470962 or email