Volunteers and various items needed to make the Sherbuttgate Community Garden a success

The organiser of a new community garden is hoping Pocklington residents will get behind the project by donating items to make it a success.

Saturday, 29th May 2021, 11:16 am
Work has started on the Sherbuttgate Community Garden.

Work is underway on Sherbuttgate Community Garden, which will become a place where residents can grow vegetables, flowers and herbs while enjoying some company.

The area is being cleared ready to create a community space where people can meet.

While there is progress at the site, organiser Gemma Beadnell is appealing for volunteers, a water butt, compost to fill up the various planters and garden furniture paint, along with seeds and plants.

Become a volunteer at Sherbuttgate Community Garden.

She has already had donations of tyres from Wolds View Garage which will be used to mark out paths and used as planters, which other people have donated fence paint and two compost bins to help the green project.

Gemma said: “I live two doors down from the site which was overgrown and looked really unattractive.

“I found out it belonged to one of my neighbours and asked if I could take over the maintenance of the site to create a community garden and they agreed.

“I realised from talking to people that while everyone is really friendly they didn’t know each other and that is where the community garden idea came from.

“It’s a way to bring our community together, to grow veg, flowers and herbs that we could all look after and take the produce home to eat.

“A place where you can just come down for a sit and a bit of company – no work required!

“A lovely man on Garths End has donated two compost bins, and I have some fence paint from donations.

“Wolds View Garage have given me its waste tyres to use to mark out the paths and to use as planters, but they need painting with garden furniture paint first.

“Things I still need for the garden is a water butt and garden furniture paint in lots of different colours to decorate the tyres so they look really nice.

“I also need a lot of compost to fill the planters up so that people can plant seeds and plants. If anyone has any plants or seeds they would like to donate that would be fantastic.”

Email [email protected] if you can help the community garden.