Hidden gems from Pock’s past emerge

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As the saying goes, pictures can say a thousand words.

Well that is certainly the case for these images of theatre shows being held in Pocklington around the end of the Second World War.

The four photographs belonged to the late Bill Saville - a ground crew member of the RAF’s 102 squadron which was based in Pocklington from 1942 to 1945 - and have been uploaded on to a website dedicated to him.

Bill was also part of the stage crew, working on lighting and sound, for plays that were held in Pocklington at the time.

His son John came across the pictures whilst looking through his father’s collection of photos.

John said: “My father died about 10 years ago. I was going through some old photos and came across them. They’re part of his collection. I probably found those about a few months ago.”

Written on the back of each picture is information such as when they were taken and the names of the plays.

The picture directly below shows a play called ‘Night Must Fall’ taken in April 1945. Featured in this picture is actor Paul Daneman who went on to be a star of stage on TV.

Another photo (bottom left), also taken in April 1945, shows a play called ‘Punch Bowl’ which is believed to have been organised by a group called the Pocklington Theatrical Company.

The two other pictures are of plays called ‘Black Magic/Winter Sports’ (right), performed in Pocklington in October 1945, and ‘Black Magic/Ballet Thoroughfare’ (bottom right), taken in December 1945.

John was told by his mother that the pictures were taken at the RAF base in Pocklington, which is now used by Wolds Gliding Club.

She told him that some people who took part in the shows were visiting actors and that workers at RAF Pocklington also participated in the plays.

The Post would like to thank John Saville for allowing us to use these fascinating pictures.

You can view the photos online at www.jrsaville.co.uk/bill_in_raf.htm. They have also been placed on a website devoted to the 102 squadron at www.102ceylonsquadron.co.uk.