Flypast for war heroes at Defence School of Transport, Leconfield, East Yorkshire

A FLYPAST by a Tornado jet was part of a commemoration at the Defence School of Transport at Leconfield in honour of the Battle of Britain.

Officers from the DST and E Flight, 202 Squadron, held a lunch in memory of the Battle of Britain and The Few - the young pilots who played a crucial role in World War Two.

Before the lunch, officers from the Army, RAF and Royal Navy gathered outside the Officers’ mess to watch the flypast conducted by XV(R) Squadron from RAF Lossiemouth.

Squadron Leader Stu Gwinnutt, officer in charge of E Flight, said the event was an apt celebration of the RAF’s finest hour, and the heritage of what used to be RAF Leconfield.

In Beverley civic leaders attended a commemorative service held at St Mary’s Church.