Find out about fostering

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s fostering service is to hold an information event about becoming foster carers.

The Find Out About Fostering event will be held at Tickton Grange Hotel, Tickton on Tuesday September 18 and will start at 6.30pm.

At the event, people interested in becoming a foster carer will have the opportunity to talk to fostering social workers and discuss suitability, meet foster carers and their birth children, talk to looked after young people and hear about their experiences, and find out about free professional training.

Foster carers are approved to look after a specified number, age and gender of children. Some people prefer working with older children and teenagers, while others are more skilled at looking after babies and toddlers.

Prospective foster carers should ideally be over 25, they can be single, married or cohabiting. Some foster carers have their own chidren, while others don’t.

David Glenville, fostering team leader at East riding of yorkshire council, said: “Almost anyone can apply to be a foster carers, but as with any career some people will be more suited to it than others.

Anyone interested in finding out more about becoming a foster carer should contact ERYC’s fostering team on (01482) 396673.