Show review by Julia Pattison: Twirlywoos Live! at York Theatre Royal

Children’s show: Twirlywoos Live!

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 7:50 am
The cast of Twirlywoos Live! Image courtesy of Pamela Raith Photography.

Venue: York Theatre Royal

Review by: Julia Pattison

I’d only just started to take my young grandchildren with me to the theatre when Lockdown came.

They’d introduced me to the hit TV show The Twirlywoos over this last year, so when the opportunity came to review Twirlywoos Live they were very keen to accompany me.

Aged three and five years, I had to explain that this was a 55-minute show, not an 11-minute episode as they were used to seeing on the TV; I felt a mixture of emotions, sadness that they’d missed out on live theatre for such a long time in their young lives, but gratitude that we were at last about to experience live children’s theatre again together.

Recommended for 1+ how refreshing that York Theatre welcomed babes in arm too; knowing that makes for more relaxed parents, and often happier babies!

The show got off to a great start with the Quackers getting up to their tricks trying to pinch a seaside sandwich, much to the appreciation of the young audience.

They were all spellbound though when we got on board the Big Red Boat, and The Great Big Hoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick along with perky Peekaboo made their first appearance on stage.

Written by Zoe Bourn the show stayed true to the characters of the TV show, who are curious, inquisitive and eager to learn about the world, seeing it just as a young child does.

Using a talented cast of actors/puppeteers we learned about simple concepts such as “pulling” and “rolling”, first in a laundrette, then a pizza parlour setting.

The Very Important Lady was a big hit at the finale, and it worked well having the audience call out the colours in the right order, making them feel very involved.

I think we adults enjoyed the fabulous slapstick moments throughout the show as much as the children!

The highlight for us all though was when bubble machines started pumping bubbles from the Box Seats on either side of the stage; truly magical.

My grandchildren left the theatre starry-eyed, and full of excited chatter about the show.

“That was Bubbletastic Grandma!”

Praise indeed.