Ever changing Wolds

wolds heritage
wolds heritage
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Primary Schools enjoyed taste of the Wolds of the past thanks to a series of short programmes showcasing bygone village life.

A series of six programmes have featured a special section on the Heritage of the Yorkshire Wolds over the last 100 years.

Filmed and edited by Mark Thompson of Market Weighton they can be seen on his website www.discovering-our-countryside.co.uk

Part funded by the East Riding Council LEADER fund, the programmes have helped pupils link their studies of Victorians, the Waggoners of World War I, and World War II with their local area and feature first hand accounts from people who experienced the Hull Blitz, evacuees arriving in their village and even a secret tank training which was visited by Winston Churchill. The videos encouraged pupils to investigate their local area to see what old crafts, such as wheelwrights and blacksmith, may have been present in the past

The final programme encourages pupils to think about the Wolds of today and how they may change in the future due to ever increasing demands for food and energy which is often at odds with the natural environment and landscape.