Day of thunder

Yorkshire air museum jets
Yorkshire air museum jets

A THUNDEROUS roar will echo from Elvington airfield this Sunday as The Yorkshire Air Museum launches its new season in style.

A number of the museum’s finest jets will take to the runway and fire up their engines to delight visitors during a special ‘Thunder Day’ event.

Yorkshire air museum jets

Yorkshire air museum jets

In honour of the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War, the mighty Nimrod and Victor V-Bomber ‘Lusty Lindy’ will fire up their Rolls Royce Spey and Conway engines.

The Victor played a crucial role in the Falklands by refuelling aircraft, including the Vulcan bomber during the daring attack on Port Stanley airfield in the famous ‘Black Buck’ raids.

The Nimrod fleet provided airborne surveillance and intelligence gathering operations, in support of the Task Force as a whole.

Engineers are still working on other craft but hope that the WWII Douglas DC3 ‘Dakota’ will also have her engines up and running.

The Dakota is perhaps one of the most famous of all aircraft types and is synonymous with the D-Day Landings and Airborne Forces operations.

The engines have the distinctive sound and smell that only propeller-driven aircraft have, but the real thunder will be provided by the mighty big jets.

The Museum’s Yorkshire-built Blackburn Buccaneer is set to be back in action, firing up its twin Rolls Royce Spey engines and conducting its control surface action display.

Ian Reed, museum director, said: “With such an impressive line up of aircraft set to take part, this will undoubtedly be a milestone event in the Yorkshire Air Museum’s history and one of our most exciting events to start the season.

“It will be terrific to see and hear the propellers of these historic aircraft spinning ‘live’ for the first time, adding to the thrill of the ground-shaking jets!”