Battling the bad weather

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MEMBERS of the Driffield and District Chrysanthemum Society are set to stage their 63rd September Flower Show on the back of one of the worst growing seasons in recent memory.

Spokesman Tony Ives said: “We know it has been a bad year for growers, with record rainfall, the coldest and longest spring, a summer with30% less sunshine, and yes as growers we have all suffered.

“But the time has come to stage our 63rd September Flower Show, not just chrysanthemums but also, dahlias, carnations, asters, gladioli, marigolds and much more.

“We also have a strong section for vegetables, with some marvellous exhibits and, this year, for the second year running, we have a section for photography.

“So anyone who has been busy snapping this cold, dull and wet summer can bring along their favourite photograph and see how they do.

Mr Ives added: “We are hoping for a stronger than usual section in the children’s classes this year, as all of the Driffield junior schools have been given entry details and we hope to see a full bench of exhibits.”

The Show will be held on Saturday September 15 at the Methodist Chapel Hall in Westgate, Driffield. Doors open for the public at 1:30pm and the show will finish at 4:30pm. Presentation of trophies will be at 4m.

Anyone who fancies having a go at showing should give either Keith Abel or Tony Ives a call on 01964 552307 or 01377 272475