Admissions for schools

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Letters to parents telling them the outcome of their applications for secondary school places for September will be sent out on Friday, March 1.

Nearly all parents in the East Riding of Yorkshire got places for their children at their preferred school.

Of the 3,058 applications received, 3,001 (98.5 per cent) got places at their first choice school and 3,048 (99.7 per cent) got places at one of their three choices of school.

Only 10 children have had to be given places at schools for which their parents did not express a preference.

In all 10 cases, the child has been given a place at their catchment area school.

A total of 318 children living in other local authority areas have been given places at schools in the East Riding, with the largest number (236) coming from Hull.

At the same time, 171 East Riding resident children have been given places at schools in other local authority areas.

Three secondary schools in the East Riding have filled the places they have available. They are Beverley Grammar School, Beverley High School and South Hunsley School.

Nearly nine out of 10 children in the East Riding (86 per cent) will be going to their catchment area school - emphasising the strong links that still exist between the schools and their local communities.