7,000 mile trip to play Tribfest

brand new eyes
brand new eyes
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A group of musicians from Indonesia are so determined to play at the Sledmere Tribfest that they plan to travel 7000 miles in just 18 hours.

The Indonesian government have agreed to fund the band’s travel costs and will host Brand New Eyes at the Indonesian Embassy in London before they head north to the three day music event.

Jakarta-based Brand New Eyes are a tribute band to the American ‘emo’ rock band Paramore.

They will be one of 40 tribute acts performing at Tribfest over the weekend of 15 to 18 August.

It will be the seventh Tribfest and the event is now regarded as the biggest for tribute acts in the World.

Bands from across the world apply to perform at the festival but due to travel expenses it is usually only bands from Europe who are able attend.

The festival has attracted acts from Holland, Italy and Hungary but to date no band has ever come so far to play to 5,000 fans in East Yorkshire as Brand New Eyes.

Derbi Adrian the manager of Brand New Eyes said: “This is an honour for us, a band from indonesia , and the only one band from Asia to get the opportunity to play at Tribfest , the largest tribute festival in the world. This is also the first time that we have played outside of Indonesia”.

“This moment so special for us because this is only a year after we formed on 2012 and now we play with a lot of tributes band all over the world. Another special things that 17 August is the independence day of our country”

“Our government support us to go to UK. That’s why we decided to go there and bring our pride as Indonesian peoples, Asian people, and play at Tribfest as a Paramore tribute band”

“Tribfest is the largest tribute festival around the world. Every tribute band has a dream that someday they will play in the world’s largest tribute festival, just like us now. We have been chosen as a Paramore tribute band to play this August, which means we are the number one Paramore tribute band, not only in Indonesia, but all over the world”

Ed Faulkner Festival Director is looking forward to seeing to seeing Brand New Eyes

“Every year we get more and more enquiries from around the world from bands who would like to play at the festival as we are now being recognised on the world stage as a must play venue for tribute bands. There has been a great desire from this band to come and play here and the fact the Indonesian government is supporting their appearance is truly amazing. A 7000 mile journey, trip paid for by their government and stay in the embassy before coming to us is just fantastic. We appreciate the efforts being put into the appearance of this band at Tribfest and we are honoured by the status our festival has achieved within Indonesia.”

“Around 10pm on Saturday 17 we will have Musest , a fantastic Dutch Muse tribute who play to massive crowds across Europe , followed by a band who have been supported by their national government. It is amazing how prestigious Tribfest has become”

The Tribfest music festival is held over the weekend of August 15 to 18th. Up to 5000 fans are expected at the 7th festival being held at the Sledmere House, near Driffield, and this year’s festival includes 40 top tribute acts and also includes additional stages for folk acts, unsigned bands from across Britain and the Laughing Bull Comedy marquee.

The main focus of the festival remains top tribute acts and this year’s line up is the best one to date with 40 acts performing across the weekend. Festival favourites such as Badness, Kazabian, Green Date and Musest are joined by a wide range of newcomers including tributes to Pink Floyd, Meatloaf, Joy Division, Thin Lizzy, The Doors, Adele and the Who.

Information on all of the performers and festival information can be accessed on http://www.tribfest.co.uk/ . Tickets for Tribfest 2013 can be accessed from http://www.tribfest.co.uk/ . Weekend tickets are £85 for adults and £45 Under 18s. VIP tickets are £130 and £50 respectively. Daily tickets are also available.