The Health and Wellbeing column with Mel Spencer: Give your body the TLC it deserves

We are all victims of taking our health for granted, especially in our younger years when we don’t get the same aches and pains as when we begin to ..... let’s say mature!

Wednesday, 17th March 2021, 9:53 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th March 2021, 12:23 pm
Don’t put in the wrong fuel into your tank – there’s only so much the body can take.

In current times we have had a very stark reminder that we shouldn’t be taking our health for granted.

It’s always worth taking a step back to reflect on how hard your body works to keep you going and whether or not you’re really giving it the TLC it deserves or needs?

Cars are an amazing feat of engineering and over the years they have become extremely complex and we can marvel at this.

Mel Spencer.

Having said that, they don’t come anywhere near to the complexities of the human body and yet at times we probably take better care of our car then we do ourselves!

This is because our body is far more resilient and rarely breaks down even after years of poor treatment (although eventually it will), so we have to treat the car better out of necessity.

Even down to putting the wrong fuel into the tank – you won’t get very far in your car, but put the wrong fuel into you and your body will muddle along for as long as it can, as best as it can – it will keep going.

But there comes a tipping point, there’s only so much that the body can take. So many of our modern day illnesses arise from our current lifestyles – these are known as mismatch diseases.

Our modern lives don’t match the environment we have evolved from – namely the active lifestyles of hunter-gatherers and the food that was available to them.

Examples of such illnesses include Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers; the list goes on. It’s also worth mentioning here that it’s thought that our preference for calorie dense foods that are high in sugar/fat results from the fact that food was often scarce for the hunter gatherers we evolved from who would have wolfed down high energy foods purely for survival, hence we are predisposed to want them from a biological perspective.

So the next time you are craving a donut you have your ancestors to thank!

Joking aside, the human body really is an amazing thing and we are truly blessed to have one.

It’s the only one we will ever have, so we really need to look after it to the best of our ability and that comes down to the lifestyle we lead and the choices we make.

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