Market Weighton residents to attend meeting to discuss ‘issues’ at town’s GP surgery

Market Weighton residents are set to pack the Town Hall next week to discuss services at the town’s GP surgery.

Wednesday, 21st July 2021, 12:59 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st July 2021, 1:00 pm
Market Weighton residents are set to pack the Town Hall next week to discuss services at the town’s GP surgery.

Around 60 people are expected to attend the meeting which will be held on Tuesday, July 27 (from 7pm).

The meeting has been organised to voice concerns about the service and to provide suggestions on how things can be improved at the Market Weighton Group Practice on Medforth Street.

One of the organisers Justine Jones said: “We have had to move the meeting to the town hall from the Londesborough Arms due to the number of people who want to attend.

“There are many issues residents would like to discuss, including the length of time they have to wait on the telephone to contact the practice.

“The surgery has denied there’s a problem but many residents have reported long waits.

“Residents are very upset. They feel there are not enough doctors at the surgery and people say they are not getting face-to-face appointments.

“There are also issues being reported about accessing the surgery even though the restrictions have been lifted.

“We are meeting to discuss possible solutions to these issues and find a positive way forward.

“The people want to make a stand. If this doesn’t work then there could be marches around the surgery.”

Market Weighton Town Mayor Peter Hemmerman said: “There had been moves to call a public meeting before Covid-19 but it had to be delayed until the restrictions were lifted.

“Organiser Justine has been under pressure to hold a meeting by dissatisfied residents who want to see changes at the surgery so we organised it as quickly as we could.

“People are reporting quite a few problems with the surgery’s services, including not being able to book face-to-face appointments.

“Some residents have expressed fears that people have died due to not getting the right diagnosis because of the lack of these type of appointments.

“There seems to be many issues facing patients at the practice.

“The Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust said that people can report the issues to them or join the patient participation group but nothing is getting done.”

A spokesperson from Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are aware of the concerns raised by some patients of the practice and would like to assure the community that all formal complaints made in line with our complaints process are addressed.

“Our Patient Participation Group supports the practice to improve the service and experience of our patients and to help identify solutions to problems, to ensure that there is a continuous improvement of services and quality of care. We continue to work with them closely to do that.

“In line with national guidance, the practice operates a triage system, which helps medical professionals to identify the concern online or over the phone, inviting patients for a face-to-face appointment when required.

“Our practice team is made up of an appropriate skill mix of GPs, advanced nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and other clinical professionals, who work together to ensure we’re able to support our patients in line with their needs.

“Councillor Hemmerman has previously met with trust staff to discuss the matter, and has been invited twice to meet with our chief operating officer to discuss further. These invitations still stand.

“Patients have also been invited to join our Patient Participation Groups, which meet several times a year to discuss such concerns.

“Our aim is to provide the highest possible quality of care. If any patient of Market Weighton Practice feels that they did not receive this, we encourage them to submit a complaint, which allows us to investigate the concern formally. This can be done via email to [email protected]