School praised by inspector’s report

Pupils at Wilberfoss CofE Primary School celebrate the great SIAMS inspection.
Pupils at Wilberfoss CofE Primary School celebrate the great SIAMS inspection.

Wilberfoss CofE Primary is celebrating after an excellent SIAMS inspection.

The SIAMS inspector was particularly impressed with the school’s vision – created by all members of the school community.

The inspector’s report said: “This vision is now at the heart of how the school community lives and works together as an inclusive Christ-centred learning community.

“Led by the inspirational headteacher, all stakeholders have worked together.

“They have used the Christian vision as an instrument of positive change, rapidly driving forward improvements that ensure each pupil’s needs are met in the best possible ways.

“Governors are well informed about the ongoing development of the school because they visit frequently and evaluate the quality of school life for all stakeholders.”

The inspector was also impressed with how the children were able to describe the impact of “The Wilberfoss Way”.

The inspector said: “The Christian values of the school, perseverance, thankfulness and friendship… are brought together in the Wilberfoss Way, a clear reminder for all stakeholders of what is expected of them.

“A pupil explained ‘The Wilberfoss Way reminds us how to be good friends.’…school policy emphasises the need to ‘grow good people’ so the behaviour policy advocates positive encouragement for thoughtful, caring pupils…Forgiveness, reconciliation and fresh starts are emphasised to encourage those who fall short of the school’s 
expectations…instances of bullying are rare…emphasising that discriminatory language or behaviour cannot be part of the Wilberfoss Way.’’

The school was praised highly for its wholly inclusive nature, with the inspector acknowledging that families of all faiths or of none were made welcome.

A Year 6 pupil said: “You don’t have to be a Christian to learn from Bible stories. They give a message that has meaning for everyone.”

Kris Henderson, the school’s headteacher, said: “This new SIAMS framework is incredibly challenging and to achieve what we have in such a short time is fantastic – Alison Scott has done an amazing job as our new RE Leader.

“We are really proud of the report; in particular, we are so proud of the children.

“They were the ones in several meetings who were able to describe what it is really like to be a part of this school and that everyone upholds the way we do things here, The Wilberfoss Way.”