Pocklington School sixth former Ellie-Mae joins TV soap cast

Ellie-Mae Rooke.
Ellie-Mae Rooke.

Pocklington School sixth former Ellie-Mae Rooke is set to appear in Emmerdale after overcoming stage fright to star in school productions – and then land the part of an extra in the TV soap.

Ellie-Mae, 16, has been signed up as a ‘regular supporting artist’ and will appear in the background of Emmerdale scenes on a regular basis.

The big break on Emmerdale came after she heard its casting directors were looking for families to appear in the background during scenes. Her mum is already a supporting artist on the soap so Ellie-Mae auditioned to join her.

She has already met several of the soap’s main characters during filming in Leeds, and could be asked to deliver small amounts of dialogue in the future.

Ellie-Mae has also recently been signed up as a supporting artist for a TV series set in Scarborough.

She said her enjoyment of acting was marred by shyness and stage fright when she was younger, but that changed when she started studying drama at Pocklington Senior School.

Ellie-Mae said: “I owe a lot to Mr Heaven and the other drama teachers, who recognised that I had a talent for acting and have helped me to build my confidence, develop a stage presence and become the person that I am today.

“When someone tells you that you are good at something, it gives you the confidence to take it forward. I now have a real passion for writing, directing and acting.”