Pocklington Prep School launches innovative curriculum to develop vital skills

Pocklington Prep School is launching an innovative new curriculum ‘The Curiosity Project’, designed to develop vital skills such as independent thinking, critical analysis and teamwork.

Monday, 29th March 2021, 3:35 pm
Suzy Ward, head of Pocklington Prep School, working with pupils.

The new scheme will prepare pupils not only for their next steps in education but for their futures as innovators, collaborators, leaders and more.

Each half term pupils will work together on a broad conceptual question such as ‘can people change?’ or ‘what does it mean to be free?’.

Pupils seek to answer this question by delving down into subject-specific skills and knowledge to develop their thoughts and ideas. This innovative process of ‘enquiry sequence’ is not all pre-planned by the teacher. Rather than being told what they will be studying, pupils learn and make discoveries as they realise they need to know about them, to help them answer their conceptual question.

The usual ‘timetabling’ of subjects across a week will change as pupils’ learning may take them into week-long scientific investigation or a full day of researching and writing reports.

Cath Sweeting, head of curriculum at Pocklington Prep School, developed the idea, drawing on her 16 years’ experience as a teacher.

She said: “As a Prep School, we take the word ‘prep’ seriously; we want to prepare children with the enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to enable them to thrive.

“As well as subject skills that are taught, practised and developed year on year, this new curriculum ensures that the learning has direction, purpose and encourages independent thinking.

“It puts pupils at its centre, instilling within them an enquiring mind, the confidence to ask questions, explain their findings and provides a fantastic springboard for their futures.”

Suzy Ward, head of Pocklington Prep School said: “This curriculum is a turning point for our prep school and our staff have been thrilled to be a part of something so innovative and challenging.”

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