Pocklington CE (VC) Infant School creates new sensory room

Pocklington CE (VC) Infant School has created a well-equipped sensory room.

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 3:14 pm
Pocklington CE Infant School headteacher Dr Lynn Bartram.

A sensory room is a specially designed area which combines a range of stimuli to help individuals develop and engage with their senses.

The room includes lights, colours, sensory soft play objects, and aromas – all within a safe environment that allows the person using it to explore and interact.

The area offers sensory stimulation, enhanced learning and play, improve balance, movement and spatial orientation and tackle problems with behaviour.

These type of sensory environments can be highly absorbing, providing a moment of comfort and calm for overactive and distressed individuals.

This improves focus and supports children to regulate their behaviour.

Sensory rooms also help those who have learning difficulties, developmental difficulties or sensory impairment learn how to interact with the world around them, but in a safe environment that builds up their confidence and their ability.

They allow a child to explore, this helps staff understand what calms a child and to discover what they like or don’t.

Headteacher Dr Lynn Bartram said: “Thanks to a grants we have been able to design the sensory room to meet the needs of our pupils.

“Some use the sensory room to help them calm down and de-escalate, for others it is a safe and supportive space to escape the hustle and bustle of a classroom.

“We are very grateful to have a sensory room at Pocklington Infants and it has been christened ‘The Bubble Room’ by the pupils.

“A grant from Awards for All and support from Governors and the Friends of Pocklington Infant School made this possible, and is benefiting pupils’ mental health and wellbeing.”