Headmaster spearheading drive to publicise up to 100% fee-assisted places in Pocklington School’s Sixth Form

Pocklington School headmaster Toby Seth.
Pocklington School headmaster Toby Seth.

The new Headmaster at Pocklington School Toby Seth is leading a drive to spread the word about fee assistance for Pocklington School’s Sixth Form as students across the region consider their options post GCSEs.

Every year Pocklington School has funds available to cover all or part of its Sixth Form tuition fees for students whose families wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to pay. The fee assistance is given on a means-tested basis after taking into account the financial circumstances of applicants.

Mr Seth, who joined the School in January, said: “If there were one thing I would love to change with immediate effect, it would be to revolutionise the number of families applying for this support.

“Quite simply, we do not get enough fee assistance applicants at present. We want more applicants so we can help more families.

“Pocklington School is famous for its breath of opportunities, its warmth of welcome and its dedication to achieving the very highest academic standards. I am constantly struck by the palpable sense of community in the school.

“We are proud of our connection to our locality and utterly committed to working alongside and supporting our friends and neighbours.

“Please contact Fiona Lambert on 01759 321200 or download the information at www.pocklingtonschool.com/Scholarships-and-Bursaries for further information.”

The Pocklington School Foundation community (which includes Pre School to Sixth Form, ages 3-18) attracts families from all walks of life.