Garage voices fears over faulty cars in lockdown

A local garage has expressed grave concerns over vehicle safety during this new lockdown period.

Sunday, 8th November 2020, 12:30 pm
Dunnington Motor Care has seen a huge increase in the number of vehicles with dangerous defects.

Dunnington Motor Care, which is based at Old Station Yard, Dunnington, has seen a huge increase in the number of vehicles coming in for routine maintenance and repairs that have unexpectedly presented dangerous defects as a result of the MOT exemption period and the last lockdown.

A spokesman said that some vehicles have not been looked at by a professional for 18 months, which has in turn exaggerated what initially may have been a minor repair into something much more dangerous and that also comes at a much greater repair cost to the customer.

Sarah Brooks, operations director at Dunnington Motor Care, said: “We implore road users to ensure that their vehicles are still inspected regularly by a professional, and continue to complete routine servicing and MOTs during the lockdown period.

“Repairs that initially start out, for example, as a corroded coil spring could, if left, result in a full breakage which then has the potential to penetrate a tyre or the vehicles braking system.

“This scenario is a good example of one that we have encountered numerous times and at a much higher occurrence since the last lockdown.

“Another example would be neglecting to replace cam belts at the advised interval which has then led to severe engine damage. We have never had to repair so many and the cost involved is eye watering.

“It is important that road users understand that an MOT exemption period, or an inability to complete repairs, are not as straightforward as they may think.

“Road users could be fined £2,500 and get three points on their license if their vehicle is found with a fault that is deemed unsafe.

“Many garages have worked extremely hard and at great expense to ensure that their practises are covid safe

“We advise road users to get in touch with a garage if they are unsure about their vehicle’s condition or need further advice and assistance.”